Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Bonding with Israel and Creating Memories that Last a Lifetime

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony,Tour,  and/or Celebration in Israel


If you are  looking for a a small intimate family Bar Mitzvah in Israel, a private Bar Mitzvah tour, or plan on having a complete Bar Mitzvah with guests from abroad and Israel, Bar Mitzvah in Israel can help. Together we will plan the perfect Bar Mitzvah ceremony, tour and celebration, for your son or grandson. If you plan an event with Bar Mitzvah in Israel you will provide your son or grandson, with a lifetime's worth of memories and deepen his connection to Israel.


Our itineraries aren't canned, and we don't have group tours with other families, (although we can organize a custom group tour, just for your family and friends). Our work is all custom tailored, based on your wishes. You can choose to have us plan the actual Bar Mitzvah ceremony, tour of Israel, as well as the celebration.


Whether your son has been to Israel numerous times, or if you are planning a first-time trip for the celebrant, Bar Mitzvah in Israel can not only organize things for you - we can create a complete and ongoing event. Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll help plan the perfect Bar Mitzvah ceremony/tour/celebration.


For a Bar Mitzvah in Israel, you might want one of the traditional locations, such as Masada, the Southern Wall or the Kotel, or you may opt for one of Israel's ancient synagogues.


If you are planning a Private Tour,  of Israel you must first choose your dates of travel, and then the ceremony date. After that we can help you select the best venue for the actual ceremony as well as a venue for the celebration, (if you plan on having one in Israel). We have selected numerous unique venues in Israel that can make a Bar Mitzvah memorable for your son as well as your guests. You may not know about all the special locations and types of places suitable for a Bar Mitzvah. We will also put you in touch with a local Rabbi.



Whether you want a celebration at your favorite hotel, out in the desert, at, an ancient synagogue, or one of Israel's experiential parks, on a yacht in the Red Sea, our experienced staff will help you arrange a memorable day.


Send us your wish list and we'll work up a proposal.



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