Private Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel

Bonding with Israel and Creating Memories that Last a Lifetime

When we plan your family's Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel, we'll custom tailor the itinerary based on your desires. We'll ask you about the celebrant's likes and dislikes, while taking the season into account, (some places lend themselves better during a particular time of year).


Our most popular tours are 10-days long, but we can custom design the itinerary to be as long or short as youu want. We'll also take into account whether or not your son is a veteran visitor to Israel, or if this will be his first trip, as well as the number and ages of any siblings that will accompany him on the tour.


We can design anything from a classic Highlights Tour of Israel to a special theme tour, or a tour that provides a combination of the 'must see' places, together with some of the lesser-known places, that will showcase the real Israel.


Just let us know the type of Bar Mitzvah Tour of Israel you would like your son to have. 


Neot Kedumuim Nature Reserve Neot Kedumuim Nature Reserve


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