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We're part of Travel and Events in Israel. Bar Mitzvah in Israel will not only work with you to plan the perfect Bar Mitzvah tour and celebration, we'll help you with venue selection (for both the ceremony and the celebration). We'll provide you with options for everything from catering, to music, photographers, and much more. We'll take care of booking hotels for you and your guests arrange for transportation and provide you with some of the best guides Israel has to offer. We have been in business for 12 years and work only guides licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Our staff is full bilingual.

Our custom tailored Bar Mitzvah Tour will be educational and fun for the whole family.


We can help you plan a formal event, or we can be creative - it all depends on the type of Bar Mitzvah you and your son would like to have. Imagine crawling through the secret tunnels at Beit Guvrin, being greeted at a biblical-like tent, rappelling into a cave, riding on camels through the desert, arriving at an ancient synagogue and encountering a band of klezmer players or finding a table of wine seemingly in the middle of nowhere (with an elegantly clad server). We can arrange all this and much more for the perfect Bar Mitzvah in Israel ceremony/tour/celebration.


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